Friday, March 22, 2013

Too Little Too Late

On Monday of this week, I called the orthodontist to let him know of my big discovery and to let him know that I am back to wearing the bite plate.  He said that is fine if it makes me feel better.  Then I mentioned that I have an appointment with a TMJ specialist the next day.  He again got angry and said "There is no such thing as a TMJ specialist."  I told him that I need to get this problem solved and that the specialist will take a tomogram.  Not he is feeling threatened and says,  "I am going to send you an order for an MRI.  Get it signed by a doctor and go get it."

Only when I tell him I am going to seek help elsewhere does he decide to dig further and find the problem.  To late Mr. Orthodontist.  I am going to someone with a deep knowledge of TMJ disorders and who wants to do something besides make teeth straight.

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