Sunday, March 3, 2013

Much Less Pain in the Morning!!!

Two days ago I stopped wearing the tray at night.  I was a little nervous about doing this because I considered the tray as important because I think I may grind my teeth at night.  But to me it was more important to try everything to improve this neck pain, and I wanted to try this experiment to see if the Invisalign was causing my neck pain.  Well so far I am feeling improvement when I wake up.  How do I know this?  Well when I was wearing the trays, I could feel pain in my neck when I stretched in bed first thing in the morning.  Now when I stretch, the pain is very minimal...this is a significant improvement!!  I still have pain during the day doing my normal chores, but I am sure that it is going to take time and physical therapy to heal my TMJ.  But it is encouraging that I have found and confirmed the cause of this ailment!!!

My next mission is to see if Invisalign even publishes any warnings about TMJ being a possible side effect.  I haven't found anything on line, but I am going to find the disclosures that I signed to see if there is anything there.

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