Thursday, March 14, 2013

Another Setback -- Thanks Again Mr. Orthodontist

Well I figured out why I started getting more pain.  Remember that on Friday, March 1, I stopped wearing the aligner all together (was only wearing it at night).  AND I started feeling better almost immediately.  I remember feeling so good on the following Friday, March 8, when I went to my orthodontist to pick up my new retainer (non invisalign--it fits behind the teeth) and night guard.  He told me to wear the retainer as much as possible during the day and the night guard at night.  He also said I could try wearing both together and see how it feels.  Well, I started wearing the night guard on Friday, and remember on Sunday I started having pain again.

I didn't make the connection to the night guard as I thought night guards were supposed to stop grinding and clenching.  I thought perhaps it was the massage I had on Saturday (which was somewhat aggressive...but no more so than the one I had on Wednesday).  But as the week went on, the pain continued to get worse and I was getting that gnawing pain in the morning again.

Luckily I had a PT appointment today with the lady who specializes in jaw issues.  She had me put in my retainer and night guard and checked each one to see how it was effecting my jaw (something the orthodontist did not do).  The night guard is BAD!!!!!  It is putting my jaw in an unbalanced position and I am probably clenching too.  The good news is now I can stop wearing that silly appliance which is so ridiculously big and uncomfortable!!  She likes the retainer and said I should wear it as much as possible, which is a good thing because I need something to keep my bottom teeth straight after all that work.

I also made an appointment with a TMJ doctor/dentist.  This particular practice is very focused on PT, so I know they are good.  I will ask them for a new orthodontist referral because I have no intention of stepping foot in that office again!!

Let's hope I get bath on the recovery path...need to feel good for that Disney trip!!!

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