Sunday, March 10, 2013

Today was a BAD day

I don't know why the flare up.  But I was not able to do much so just sat and watched 10 episodes of "Revenge."

I am really hoping that I am well enough for our upcoming trip to Disney in a couple of weeks.  Or maybe we go and I just sit by the pool.  Considering it is the Beach Club Resort, it could be worse :).


  1. Please see the following link and scroll down to xix. This is not the exact same consent form that I signed personally but every dentist and orthodontist has one. You may want to view your own as it is likely that you legally signed that you were aware of the risks of orthodontic treatment before you commenced.

    1. Thanks anonymous!! I was going to try to find my paperwork, and I figured there was probably a risk associated with tmj...and interesting that it is outlined as very rare. My issue is more with the orthodontist, who after I had complained numerous times about my neck pain, said that invisalign NEVER causes TMJ. I feel that if he had listened in the beginning that I might have stopped the treatment sooner, but he insisted that I keep wearing the aligner as a retainer...which it turns out was still causing the harm.