Saturday, March 2, 2013

The call to the orthodontist

Now that my TMJ diagnosis is official, I wanted to completely discontinue using invisalign.  I want the orthodontist to make me a normal retainer that is not active at all.  The Invisalign tray is too tight and as much as my orthodontist would like to call it a retainer, it is not because every time I put it in it moves my teeth back into position.  Then I take it out in the morning and all day the teeth move back.  At night I put it in and the cycle starts again.  The orthodontist must realize this is going on, but he doesn't believe this is causing my tmj issues.

I call and speak to the receptionist.  I told her my story and that I wanted to speak to the Doctor.  She  wouldn't let me speak to him but relayed my story to the doctor while I waited on the phone.

His response:  "I don't buy that the invisalign caused your TMJ.  That is from grinding your teeth at night.  There is no such thing as a TMJ specialist or TMJ PT.  I don't believe in TMJ PT.  The only thing that fixes TMJ is a night guard."

My response to this is:  "Haven't I in a sense been wearing a night guard with the invisalign trays?"

His response:  "If you want to stop the treatment, then stop wearing it."

My response:  "Well I would like to have a retainer made so I don't lose everything I worked for."

His response:  "Make an appointment."

This guy is now angry!!  Did I sense any bit of empathy from this guy?  Isn't that what doctors are supposed to do?  Obviously it is more about his ego, and nothing about the care and health of his patients.  I have two kids who may eventually need braces, and you can bet I will be seeking care elsewhere!!

Next week I will be getting my retainer from this quack of a doctor.  I will not publish his name here until I have retainer in hand and sever our doctor patient relationship.

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