Saturday, March 2, 2013

Stopping the Invisalign treatment and the most defensive orthodontist on the face of the earth

After my appointment with Dr. Fink, I started looking back at the history of my pain and how it aligned with my orthodontic work.  It started to make sense that the orthodontia may have caused this pain.

I called my orthodontist and told him I wanted to stop the treatment.  He said to come in.  He was extremely defensive and said that the treatment had nothing to do with my pain.  He said there was no research to prove it.  He wanted me to continue.

He also disagreed with Dr. Fink about my jaw alignment.  He said "your jaw is perfect."  But my jaw is far from perfect as has been confirmed by both a physical therapist and highly qualified physiatrist.  Now that I know what to look for, even I can see that my jaw is misaligned.

My compromise was to wear the last tray and keep it as a "retainer" of sorts.  I wore this tray for about 3 weeks and my pain still continued.  It was especially painful for me to remove the tray every time I had to eat.  So I called him once again and asked if I could just wear the tray at nighttime.  After 5 days, I got the call back and was told I could wear it at night only.

I had been wearing the tray at night only for about 3 weeks.  Every morning I would wake up in incredible pain and stiffness and would have to immediately put heat on my neck to get it loose.  I attributed this to poor sleeping position.  I figured I couldn't blame the tray because now it wasn't active was just a retainer, as my orthodontist claimed.

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