Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Classic Case of CYA

Earlier this week I had a scheduled appointment with my dentist for my 6 month check up and cleaning.  I called on Monday to cancel the appointment because I didn't want to be sitting with my mouth open in my condition.  I spoke to the receptionist to explain the chain of events with the Invisalign and the TMJ.  Then I rescheduled my appointment for some time in April assuming I would be well enough by then.  Then toward the end of the week I called the dentist back because I thought it would be prudent to speak to the dentist anyway, and I would also like to get another orthodontist referral.  When I called, the receptionist went to get the Dr., and then she came back on the phone to tell me that I should call him after my appointment with my ortho on Friday.  "How does he know I have an appointment?"  Apparently the dentist called the ortho immediately after he heard about my story and discussed my case.  AND, the dentist will not discuss with me until I meet with ortho.  OK then!

I had my appointment with the ortho yesterday.  First thing he told me is that the the veneers were NOT causing the problem.  The veneers don't wrap around the tooth enough for them to hit the invisaign, and consequently the culprit was invisalign.  He made it a point to get that on the table right away.  So, apparently the conversation between the dentist and the ortho was more about don't blame me for your screw up!!

So Mr. Orthodontist, it was the Invisalign that caused the TMJ?  Yes, he says.

So why didn't he agree back in early February when I told him I had a diagnosis of jaw alignment issues and potential TMJ.  He adamantly stated that Invisalign does not ever cause fixes it!!  Just think how much sooner i could have started healing if he had investigated this or even payed attention to my situation back on January 31, when I had the diagnosis and made the call to him.

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